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26th March 2014 • News • No comments

As living historians, it is important for us to ensure that all aspects of our impression are correct, including the tentage we use and how they’re pitched. In order to allow for more accurate displays, we’ll be adding the official directions and instructions for tent pitching in a new series of Articles over the next week. The first instalment is already available on our site, and looks at the Shelter Tent.

Click here to view the new Article.

Please keep a checking back, as we will also be publishing Articles detailing the following tents in the coming few days:

Tent, Fire-Resistant, Wall, Small, O.D.
Tent, Fire-Resistant, Wall, Large, O.D.
Tent, Fire-Resistant, Storage, O.D.
Tent, Fire-Resistant, Squad, M-1942, O.D.
Tent, Fire-Resistant, Pyramidal, M-1934, O.D.
Tent, Fire-Resistant, Command Post, M-1942, O.D.

While other tentage was issued by the US Army during WW2, we personally think that they are beyond the scope of this project (such as Hospital Ward and Assembly tents), and thus will not be covered in this series of Articles.

For the most part, all data and information has been taken from FM 20-15: Tents and Tent Pitching (February 1945).


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