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Over the next few months, we will be adding digitized versions of numerous editions of “GI Stories”. G.I. Stories was a series of 53 booklets published during WWII by the Army newspaper Stars and Stripes. The series covered the ground, air, and service forces in the European Theater of Operations.

Each booklet was designed to be small enough to fit in a uniform pocket or to mail home. Booklets were stamped “Passed by censor for mailing home.” Inside the covers of most booklets was a page for soldiers to record their personal information, and a page for autographs.
The total pages in each booklet was 40, consisting of 20 double-sided pieces of paper folded in the centre and stapled. The pages included 32 text pages, a front and rear cover, and a colour centrefold with a map of the divisions route or a photo montage. Eight pages were colour including the covers.

The first in our new series is now available on the website and looks at the service of the 29th Infantry Division during WW2.


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