About Strictly GI

Strictly GI is a UK-based re-enactment group which focuses on the accurate portrayal of the US Army soldier during World War 2. Although we are based in the United Kingdom, we regularly attend events throughout mainland Europe, and enjoy working with other like-minded individuals and groups across the UK at various living history and private events.

The group was formed in 2013 by Ben and Chris Major, a father and son team who between them have more than 30 years’ experience in the WW2 re-enactment and collecting hobby. Although the group remains relatively small when compared to other units, we like to think that this enables us to maintain a highly-dedicated and accurate membership base. All of our members are truly dedicated to bringing history alive, and strive to put together the most accurate impressions possible. When not attending events, we actively encourage members to engage in historical research which will improve their individual impressions and this is something that has proven very successful. In addition to basic historical research, many members have also discovered a niche impression that they have developed over many years. For example, we are pleased to say that we now have a Medical guru, a vehicle mechanic, Chaplain and a War Correspondent within the group, all of whom have spent many hours researching and developing their chosen specialism.

Of course, we only utilize genuine WWII items and / or ‘correct’ replica stuff, but, what we can not find on the market is simply copied and / or reconstructed! As such, we have not only manufactured or duplicated the necessary hardware, e.g. beach obstacles, pliofilm covers for weapons, paper gas detection sleeves, bangalore torpedoes, explosive packs and miscellaneous charges, but took various documents and smaller items such as K Rations, cigarettes , matchbooks, invasion currency, mess tickets, Emergency Medical Tags, etc. all this with the only aim to reach more authenticity! Our member reenactors are constantly educated and brought up-to-date with the restoration, painting and the marking of vehicles, wearing the correct uniforms and insignia, handling the related equipment in the correct manner, and representing the American GI with the highest possible standards of authenticity.

Why “Strictly GI”?

What’s in a name?!

The term Strictly GI was a common name for many publications during WW2, and was originally used by the Belgian re-enactment organization to name their group. After this group folded in 2011, Ben Major approached the former owner and close friend Alain S. Batens to request his explicit permission to use the name for a new venture, a move which Alain welcomed with open arms. It was agreed that our new group would continue in the tradition of the Belgian organization, striving for the highest standards possible. Alain goes on to explain the reasoning behind why his group was named Strictly GI:

While researching data related to the US Army Air Forces in WWII, I incidentally stumbled across above newspaper, published and distributed by GIAAB (Grand Island, Army Air Base) Nebraska, ZI, home of the 6th Bomb Group (VH) . This unit already activated since September 1919 as the 3d Observation Group, was disbanded in the Panama Canal Zone in November 1943 . Reconstituted 29 June 1944 the new unit moved to Grand Island 18 November 1944 for training (B-17 & B-29 bombers) – and was later transferred to the Pacific area as part of the 313th Bomb Wing, 20th Air Force, with base on the island of Tinian – the 6th Bomb Group (VH) flew B-29 missions in the Pacific and over Japan from 3 February up to 14 August 1945 and was credited with 6 Distinguished Unit Citations.Alain S. Batens, Founder of Strictly GI Belgium

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