WWII US Army Serial Number Generator

When enlisting into the US Army during WWII, each member of the armed forces was issued with a unique number which idenified them; this was known as an Army Serial Number, and remained with the soldier for the duration of their service. Using our online tool, you can generate an authentic Army Serial Number to use as part of your impression.

About Army Serial Numbers:
Army Serial Numbers (ASN) were assigned to members of the US military upon induction. The standard format for all Enlisted personnel was an 8-digit string containing numbers only. The format varied depending upon the assignment; for example, male Commissioned personnel received the O- prefix (followed by a series of digits). For Enlisted personnel, the first digit indicates the enlistment type (either Regular Army, National Guard or Draftee), while the second digit represents the Corps Area / Service Command where the soldier was inducted. The remaining 6 digits were used to uniquely identify the soldier.

First select your enlistment type, next (if applicable) choose your desired induction state, and then click on the 'Generate ASN' button. You may also optionally enter your surname and the tool will generate your laundry number.
The generator will also check to see if a record exists of the soldier to whom the Army Serial Number was originally assigned (only available for Enlisted Men status), via the WWII-Enlistment.com API. If no data is available, a note will be displayed; otherwise information about the soldier will be displayed.

This tool has been written by Ben Major • Credits

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