The Royal Victoria Hospital Anniversary Event 2024

15th June - 16th June 2024
Please note: This event has now taken place.

The Royal Victoria Hospital, located within the Royal Victoria Country Park in Netley Abbey is steeped in history. The hospital facility was taken over and improved by the US Navy Seabeas, and several US Army and Navy units were stationed at the facility during World War II, treating casualties evacuated from the beaches of Normandy. Hampshire County Council are organising an exclusive anniversary event on the weekend of 15th and 16th June 2024 to commemorate 80 years since the US Army were present at the facility.

Strictly GI have been invited along to take part in the exhibitions and displays that are being organised. We are honoured to be invited to such a historic and prestigious event, and will be portraying members of the units originally stationed at the location. 

More information is to follow once this has been provided by the organising team.