WWII Movie Consultancy

Strictly GI and its members have extensive experience in the World War II TV, film and media arena. Our members have worked closely with production companies worldwide to provide expert historical advice, research and guidance to ensure an authentic and accurate portrayal of the World War II GI.

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Whether you're working on an independent production or a Hollywood feature film, Strictly GI has the knowledge and experience to assist. If your production is currently seeking World War II consultancy services, historical advisors or Subject Matter Experts, please click the button below contact us and find out how Strictly GI can help.

Previous Clients

Production comapnies we've worked with in the past.

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Movies and media projects we've worked on.

  • Masters of the Air (Amblin, Apple TV; TBA)

    Based on the book by Donald L. Miller, Masters of the Air is the final part of the Steven Spielberg / Tom Hanks WWII miniseries triology, relaying the story of the 100th Bomb Group, 8th US Air Force. Production took place throughout the United Kingdom, and members of Strictly GI worked as historical advisors to the Art and Wardrobe Departments, as well as working closely with lead actors and director Cary Fukunaga on details of the Station Hospital and US Army Medical Department.

    "Masters of the Air" on IMDB

  • Britain's Secret War Babies (Wall to Wall Media, Channel 4; 2022)

    Britain's Secret War Babies looks into the "GI Babies" of WWII; children born to American soldiers stationed in Britain. The documentary focuses on babies born to African-American soldiers. Strictly GI provided extensive historical unit research as well as media and photographs of the units featured in the production.

    "Britain's Secret War Babies" on IMDB

  • Combat Ships - The Vessels That Saved D-Day (Woodcut Media, Channel 4; 2017)

    Strictly GI was asked to provide background actors and equipment for episode three of the first series of Combat Ships, a documentary focusing on WWII naval vessels. "The Vessels That Saved D-Day" featured an original LCVP landing craft, and our members were requested to accurately portray first-wave invasion troops, as well as uniforms and props for the crew of the vessel.

    "Combat Ships - The Vessels That Saved D-Day" on IMDB

  • WW2 Treasure Hunters (Emporium Productions, The History Channel; 2017)

    WW2 Treasure Hunters starred Suggs (of Madness fame) alongside metal detectorist Stephen Taylor exploring the hidden World War II treasure at various historical sites around the United Kingdom. Members of Strictly GI were invited as Subject Matter Experts for pieces to camera, as well as providing vehicles and equipment for use by the main cast.

    "WW2 Treasure Hunters" on IMDB

  • Fury (Sony Pictures; 2014)

    Written and directed by David Ayer and starring Brad Pitt and Shia LaBoeuf, Fury tells the story of a US Army Sherman tank crew in the closing weeks of World War II in Europe. Featuring the only original, running German Tiger I tank in the United Kingdom, production took place in Oxfordshire, UK throughout 2013. Members of Strictly GI worked as historical consultants to the production team, as well as background artists.

    "Fury" on IMDB

  • Red Tails (Lucasfilm; 2012)

    Red Tails follows a crew of African-American pilots in the Tuskagee training program, who despite facing extreme segregation, go above and beyond when they are called into action. Strictly GI assisted the Props and Art Departments in preparing material for the production, as well as historical advice pertaining to the US Army Medical Department for the hospital scenes.

    "Red Tails" on IMDB