Computers are an excellent resource for re-enactors and living historians. Not only do they allow us to find the prized items that we need to complete our impression, but they're also invaluable to researching units and the finer details of our chosen topics. What's more, we can use them to accentuate our impressions with the little details that really set quality living historians apart.

That's why our members have devoted their spare time and knowledge to developing a series of tools that we hope will be useful to researchers, historians and re-enactors. The purpose of the tools are varied, but the general goal is to make information easily accessible to all. Whether you want to check when your M1903 Rifle was produced, or how your Identification Tags ("Dog Tags") would have looked during WWII, we have a tool available. You can access the tools we have put together by clicking on them in the list below. We are always looking for ways to improve these tools and add more to the range. As such, we would welcome any comments or suggestions for additions from readers. In case you have data that you feel would be useful in producing another tool, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Lookup M1 Rifle, M1 Carbine, M1903 Rifle and M1911 Pistol serial numbers

Weapon Serial Number Lookup

This lookup tool allows you to approximately date your M1 Rifle, M1 Carbine, M1911 Pistol (all models) and M1903 Rifle (all models) simply by entering its serial number.

Lookup heat stamp numbers for McCord-produced M1 Helmets

M1 Helmet Heatstamp Lookup

Quickly date your WWII McCord-produced M1 Helmet shell by entering its heat stamp number into this lookup tool. You will also receive its 'correct' confiuguration settings.

Generate an authentic WWII US Army Serial Number.

Army Serial Number Generator

This tool enables re-enactors to generate an authentic Army Serial Number that can be used for their impressions on their Identification Tags or when marking equipment.

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