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The Internet has become a great resource for hobby as a whole. Whether you’re looking to research an individual unit, or you’re looking for that one item to complete your impression, for most of us the first port of call is Google.

However, as Abraham Lincoln once said: The problem with quotations on the Internet is that it’s hard to verify their authenticity! As a result, we have compiled a list of some of the most useful and accurate websites that can be found online. For ease of navigation and clarity, they have broken down into categories. If you think you have found a website or blog that would be particularly useful to our members or the re-enactment community in general, please contact us to suggest its addition on this page.

It should be noted that links to vendor pages are provided without prejudice. However, wherever necessary, we have indicated approved Strictly GI vendors; this means that our members have actually made purchases from these sellers and have been generally pleased with the products and service received. Despite this, we would advise members and potential buyers to check with our Equipment and Historical Advisors before purchasing anything for use at events.

Historical Research:

90th Infantry Division Preservation Group:
The 90th Infantry Division Preservation Group is a re-enactment association based in the United States. Its members actively engage in WW2 research, and have published many articles on their website about various aspects of the US Army soldier in WW2. Their Articles section is particularly comprehensive.

Combat Reels:
Combat Reels produces DVDs of combat film taken by the the combat photographers of the US Army Signal Corps. This thoroughly researched raw film footage is grouped into movies of combat Divisions and units. A great deal of information may be gleaned by studying their products.

Military Research Service:
The Military Research Service offers photocopies of historical military documents, and specialises in Tables of Organization and Equipment (T/O & Es) of the United States Army in World War II. These documents are an invaluable research utility, and help to improve impressions within the group.

WW2 US Medical Research Centre:
The WW2 US Medical Research Centre is an online resource run by one of our members, dedicated to research into the US Army Medical Department during WW2. Alongside many Articles on medical items, the site also contains a plethora of Unit Histories and Veterans’ Testimonies.

WWII Enlistment Records:
This project is maintained by one of our members, and allows users to search the US Army’s WW2 Enlistment Records by a number of parameters. It contains almost 9,000,000 records of service personnel, and also allows users to add information to a record. The database is also searchable by Laundry Number.

Re-enactment Supplies:

At The Front (US-based, approved vendor):
At The Front offers a vast range of reproduction uniforms and equipment. Many of their products are made in the US and are considered to be of very high quality. Buyer caution is advised though, as some items are not as accurate as others. Their US Army footwear is highly recommended, though.

Epic Militaria (UK-based):
Epic Militaria stocks a large range of reproduction items (many made by Sturm and other suppliers in Europe and the US). Some items are poor quality though, and do not survive rigorous use at events. We do not advise members to purchase items from Epic Militaria without first consulting our advisors.

J. Murray Inc, 1944 (US-based, approved vendor):
Josh Murray specialises in reproduction and refurbished WW2 M1 Helmets. The service and quality is excellent and unparalleled by any other vendor of reproduction Helmets. They also offer Helmet and Liner accessories to replace damaged items. Highly recommended seller!

Normandy Accessories (France-based, approved vendor):
Normandy Accessories is another Helmet restorer / refurbisher. Based in France, shipping costs are much better than buying from Josh Murray for members in the UK, but it is important to note that some products are better than others. The spray paint that is offered is the incorrect colour, and members are encouraged to repaint any helmets acquired from this source.

Quartermaster Inspector (Belgium-based, approved vendor):
This Belgium-based company provides a huge range of reproduction clothing and equipment, most of which has been produced exclusively for or by them following research and based on original examples. They are an approved vendor for M1941 Field Jackets. They also stock a variety of quality original items.

SM Wholesale (US-based):
SM Wholesale (USA) has a long history of providing reproduction items to the film industry, and worked on several large productions including Saving Private Ryan and Band of Brothers. Several of their items are unique and cannot be found elsewhere.

Soldier of Fortune (UK-based, approved vendor):
Soldier of Fortune has become known as the “one-stop shop” for re-enactors in the UK. However, several items are misdescribed or of insufficient quality, so buyer caution is advised. However, they are an approved dealer for Army Camouflage HBT uniforms and other items.

What Price Glory (US-based):
Many items that are stocked by Gerry at WPG are produced and shipped from the UAE. As a result, the quality and shipping time can be somewhat “hit or miss”. They do reproduce some items that are not available elsewhere however, and many of their items are also available from UK suppliers, such as Soldier of Fortune.

WWII Impressions (US-based, approved vendor):
WWII Impressions offers some of the best Airborne-related uniform items and equipment. They are an approved vendor for “rigger pockets” to be used on the M1943 uniform (suitable for Operation “Market-Garden” and thereafter).

WWII Soldier (US-based):
WWII Soldier offers a wide range of original and reproduction personal items that can really improve one’s impression. They provide office stationary great to complete a Field Desk as well as wash roll items and other personal hygiene equipment.

Re-enactor Resources:

Hardscrabble Farm:
Hardscabble Farm is the personal website of re-enactors Brian and Robin Mead. Their special WW2 feature-site GI Intelligence Dept provides a wealth of research and resources for re-enactors, including free printable paperwork. This a great site with many topics covered.

Original Militaria:

News & Events:


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