Clothing & Equipment

A vast array of information can be gleaned about the US serviceman's uniform, clothing and equipment by studying contemporary photographs. This collection contains photographs of interest when studying GIs' clothing and equipment during World War II.

4th Infantry Division soldiers enjoy C Rations in the field

Mortar squad of the Company E, 2d Battalion, 8th Infantry Regiment (4th Infantry Division) pause to eat C Rations near Bettendorf, Luxembourg.
L-R: Private First Class Ray Cottingham (Kokomo, Indiana); Private John W. West (Atlanta Georgia); and Private James J. Kudrne, Jr. (Brookfield, Illinois).

Date: 25 January 1945

Thanksgiving Meal in the Field

Thanksgiving chow went as far forward as there were troops. Sergeant Frank Shiborski, 107th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Group, from 5007 Central Avenue, Detroit, Michigan, a 50 Cal. Machine Gunner, takes time out from looking for Germans to do a little special duty on a drum stick somewhere near San Marcello Pistoiese, Italy.

Date: 22 November 1944

79th Infantry Division troops enjoy cold beers

GIs of the 79th Infantry Division are served beer by a French waitress on the terrace of a hotel in Mantes-la-Jolie.

Date: 20 August 1944

Men of the 79th Infantry Division during a gap in combat

Soldiers of the 79th Infantry Division, on their way to a rest camp after being relived from combat near Laneuveville, France.

Left to right: Private First Class Arthur Henry Muth, Sergeant Carmine Robert Sileo and Sergeant Kelly C. Lasalle.

Date: 25 October 1944

Associated Press Correspondent prepares a story from his foxhole

War Correspondent Don Whitehead (Associated Press) writes his story of the landing at Anzio Beach in Italy from a foxhole. Whitehead, known by his colleagues as "Beachhead Don", also landed on Omaha Beach with the 1st Infantry Division on 6 June 1944, returning to Normandy for the 10th anniversary on 5 June 1954.

Date: Unknown

General Dwight D. Eisenhower briefs troops of the 502d PIR

Paratroopers of Company E, 502d Parachute Infantry Regiment of the 101st Airborne Division (to be dropped on the Drop Zone "A") have assembled on Greenham Common Airfield, Berkshire, United Kingdom.

Date: 5 June 1944

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