Aircraft Warning Ground Observer Officer (0115) Officer or Warrant Officer

Commands and supervises a unit in observing, recognizing, identifying, and reporting visible and audible activities of hostile and friendly forces in the air, on land, or on sea. Supervises the installation, operation, and maintenance of ground observer posts, associated relay stations, and the communication system; supervises repairs and part replacements on radio, visual, and telephone equipment issued to unit; trains personnel in recognition and identification of aircraft, surface seacraft, combat vehicles, and foreign uniforms; determines capabilities and limitations of ground observation coverage in assigned area.
Must be able to read and interpret military maps and aerial photographs. Must have a general knowledge of wire radio, and visual communications. Should have a general knowledge of the entire Aircraft Warning System.
Military experience including knowledge of infantry tactics essential. Should have completed an Aircraft Warning Recognition or Identification Course in addition to a Radio Officer's Course and have completed an Aircraft Warning Ground Observer Course.
Civilian experience in supervision of installation and operation of a wire or radio communications system desirable.