Communications Officer (0200) Officer or Warrant Officer

Directs or supervises the installation, operation, and maintenance of the signal communication agencies of a unit other than Signal Corps. Trains unit personnel in use of communication equipment; maintains efficient communication within a unit and with attached and supported units; establishes communication, visual signaling, signal centers, and messengers; supervises the enforcement of radio silence when in effect and provides for the use of runners and mounted messengers; supervises training of personnel in radio operation and maintenance, use of codes, construction and maintenance of wire circuits, use of visual signals such as flags, flares, and rockets, and signal center operation and maintenance.
Must have thorough tactical and technical knowledge to insure establishment of necessary signal communication agencies according to tactical plans. Must be a specialist in Army signal communication systems.
Military experience essential and should include graduation from an officers' communication school.
Trade school or college training in electrical communication desirable.

Source Jobs:

  • Radio Repairman
  • Wire Chief
  • Telephone Inspector
  • Radio Engineer
  • Radio Technician
  • Sound Engineer