Signal Officer (0210) Officer or Warrant Officer

Directs or supervises the construction, installation, operation, maintenance, and supply of a communication system. Supervises tactical location of communication centers and installation of facilities and equipment; prepares routine and combat orders relating to signal communication; supervises operation of signal and message facilities including wire, radio, visual and pigeon; commands tactical operations and administration of photographic units; supervises establishment and operation of maintenance and repair facilities; provides for signal supplies and the keeping of records and reports. May perform executive, administrative, and planning functions in an overhead installation and advise commanding officer and staff on signal matters.
Must have a knowledge of the operation of a tactical military communication system. Should have advanced training in signal operations and be thoroughly familiar with the combat utilization of all types of Signal Corps equipment and facilities.
Military experience as a staff officer and commanded Signal Corps troops. Should be a graduate of Command and General Staff School.
Civilian experience in the management and operation of a radio, telephone, or telegraph system highly desirable.
Should be a college graduate in electrical or communication engineering.

Source Jobs:

  • Radio Engineer
  • Research Engineer, Communications
  • Sound Engineer
  • Telephone Engineer
  • Television Engineer
  • Electrical Engineer