Signal Center Officer, Fixed Station (0222) Officer or Warrant Officer

Organizes and directs the operations of a fixed signal center at a military post, camp, or station to insure accurate and speedy delivery of all messages. Supervises the cryptographing and decryptographing of messages and determines final disposition of all communications violating security regulations; coordinates the activities of the signal center with commercial companies; writes new and revises current procedures of operation; supervises training of all supervisory and operating personnel including duty censors, radio, radiotype, telegraph, and teletype operators; supervises the keeping of records and preparation of reports; requisitions supplies and repairs.
Must be able to read maps and aerial photographs. Should have thorough knowledge of Army organization.
Cryptographic clearance essential.
Military experience essential.
Civilian supervisory experience in handling correspondence and messages desirable.
Training in commercial or business administration desirable.

Source Jobs:

  • Radio Operator
  • Officer Supervisor
  • Communications Man