Laundry Maintenance Mechanic (104) Enlisted Personnel

Installs, adjusts, services, and repairs mechanical equipment used in fixed or mobile laundry units.
Installs laundry machines, such as washers, extractors, tumblers, and pressers, and power units including high pressure steam boiler (100 lbs./sq. in.), electric or gasoline motors, or oil fired equipment according to sketches and blueprints. Uses plumber's, pipefitter's, steamfitter's, carpenter's, and general mechanic's tools to make water, steam, or pipe connections and repairs.
Lubricates operating mechanisms of all equipment, using oil containers or pressure grease guns. Determines extent to which any part needs repair. Repairs laundry machines by soldering and welding, using acetylene and low amperage electric welders.
May cut, bend, and install sheet metal, using sheet metal worker's tools.

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • Foreman Mechanic, Laundry
  • Laundry Mechanic

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