Woodworking Machine Operator (113) Enlisted Personnel

Operates woodworking machinery to fabricate wooden articles.
Cuts, shapes, fits, and assembles wood sections, using woodworking power machines and hand tools, and working from blueprints and drawings. Finishes work by filling nail holes with plaster wood and sandpapering by hand or machine to smooth finish. Keeps woodworking shop clean, oils power machinery, and sharpens saws, plans, and chisels.
May do minor carpentry such as constructing and repairing tables, desks, shelves, and screens.
Uses hand tools such as planes, chisels, saws, files, levels, calipers, T-square, protractor, ruler, and clamps and such material as lumber, nails, screws, sandpaper and glue, and such power equipment as saws, jointers, planner, sander, drill press, lathe, and shaper.

Suitable Substitutions