Painter, General (144) Enlisted Personnel

Applies paint to airplanes, automotive equipment, and buildings, using brush or paint spraying equipment.
Cleans and removes old paint and varnish, using putty knife, wire brush, sandpaper, and blowtorch. Matches and mixes paints and varnish, using proper amounts of pigment, linseed oil, turpentine, paint, putty, and coloring tints. Erects scaffolding by means of sectional ladders and planks or a working platform suspended from the roof. Fills nail holes or crevices with putty or plastic wood, smoothing surfaces with putty knife. Sandpapers woodwork and applies coatings of stain, shellac, and varnish.
May do striping, lettering, and other sign painting work. May paint structures and equipment for camouflage. May operate with a spray gun.
Must have knowledge of mixing and matching paint.

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • Painter, Automobile
  • Painter (AAF)

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