Pattern Maker, Wood (148) Enlisted Personnel

Builds wooden patterns and core boxes, working from blueprints or drawings, in connection with the operation of a foundry.
Makes wooden patterns, using hand and machine tools. Checks work with calipers, protractors, straightedges, and other measuring instruments, making allowances for shrinkage of castings. Assembles and glues parts together and inserts dowels in abutting pieces. Sands surface smooth, fastens fillets along interior angles or corners, and applies shellac to finish pattern. Designs and constructs wooden core boxes.
Uses such hand and machine tools as lathe, borer and router, planer, power saw, sander, shaper, and carpenter's bench and hand tools such as saws, planes, hammers, mallets, scrapers, chisels, gauges, awls, brace, and bits.