Physics Laboratory Assistant (160) Enlisted Personnel

Assists in physical testing and experimental work in a military laboratory.
Assembles and prepares laboratory equipment for tests. Performs routine tests and assists in special researches and experiments on various kinds of matter such as chemical equipment, munitions, petroleum, soils, and textiles.
Observes, tests and records results.
May determine various physical and chemical properties of petroleum products such as viscosity, specific gravity, flash and fire points, melting point, sediment and residue.
May determine knock intensity and octane rating of gasoline and kerosene fuels by actual test on engine and comparing with controls samples.
May analyze soils and aggregates for stability, moisture content and bearing value involving a working knowledge of concrete, soil, cement and asphalt, and determine suitability for various types of construction work.
May test textiles and other materials for tensile strength, durability and the like.
Equipment used includes laboratory apparatus such as scales, test tubes, flow meters, hardness testers, gauges, thermometers, burners, and distillation equipment.
Must be able to work under limited supervision and use individual initiative and judgement. Should be thoroughly familiar with various types of physics laboratory equipment.

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • Knock Engine Tester
  • Petroleum Laboratory Technician
  • Petroleum Test Engine Operator
  • Soils Technician