Range Section Operator, Antiaircraft (1645) Enlisted Personnel

As a member of a range section, performs one or more duties incident to operation and maintenance of equipment and instruments used in connection with electrical or mechanical collection and compilation of firing data for an antiaircraft gun or battery of guns.
Assists in unloading equipment, including computer, tracker, power unit, tripod, altitude converter, and cable system. Sets up and levels equipment at designated locations and connects power cables. Operates as an azimuth or elevation tracker on director, following target with telescope by manipulating handwheels in such a way as to obtain a smooth tracking rate. Observes bursts of shells with reference to target, adjusting director to improve lateral or vertical accuracy of fire. Observes target through open sight on director tracker, throwing in azimuth sleeving clutch to turn tracker so that telescopes will be directed toward the target. Repeats operation with every change of target. As an altitude or range setter on converter changing slant rang altitude, moves dial to match index controlled by height finder or position finder. Operates and observes target rate indicator at computer, setting dials as needed. Sets corrections on computer to compensate for known errors in transmitted data. Matches pointers on director, setting range or altitude, or correcting fuze data. Spots and tracks targets and reports back readings. Orients gun, height finder, and director. Observes shell bursts during firing and reports range corrections by field telephone. Starts motor, regulates speed of engine, and checks operation gauges. Services motor and makes minor repairs.
May set up, orient, and level B/C telescope 1 to 3 miles distance from gun position. May operate portable power generator furnishing power for range section. May drive truck.

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • Observer, Director
  • Director Operator