Powerman (166) Enlisted Personnel

Installs, operates, adjusts, and repairs Army power plant equipment composed of internal combustion engines, electric generator, and accessories employed to supply power for uses such as lighting, telephone, telegraph, radio or construction machinery.
Locates, diagnoses, and clears trouble. Makes adjustments, repairs, replacements and substitutions on equipment and parts such as electric motors, generators, circuit breakers, rectifiers, wiring brushes, commutators, storage batteries, Diesel and gasoline internal combustion engines, valves, ignition systems, cylinder heads, carburetors, fan belts, and bearings.
Uses electrician's and automobile mechanic's tools.
Must have knowledge of a-c and d-c principles of electricity. Must be able to read and trace circuit diagrams. Must be familiar with the use of block and tackle and other rigging procedures used to lift, move and place heavy objects.

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • Power Plant Installer