Duty Soldier II (188) Enlisted Personnel

This is a broad classification covering enlisted men, who under supervision, perform various heavy laboring duties in connection with construction and demolitions work, loading and unloading of supplies, or other duty involving physical strength and some degree of skill and responsibility.
Digs holes and ditches, chops trees, saws wood, mixes and pours concrete. Grades roads and prepares subgrades. Installs building equipment. Razes old structures, salvages usable material and removes debris. Uses such hand tools as pick, shovel, ax, jackhammer, crowbars and wrenches.
Carries heavy materials. Stacks or otherwise stores military supplies and equipment in warehouses or on docks. Loads and unloads trucks, freight cars, or dock facilities. Moves materials by use of monorail hoists, tow trucks, fork lifts or other mechanical devices.
Must be physically strong, and capable of prolonged heavy labor.
This classification and specification serial number will be assigned enlisted men who perform such duties regularly.

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • Axman, Surveying
  • Construction Laborer
  • Construction Worker (AAF)
  • Earth-Boring Machine Operator
  • Fork Lift Operator
  • Highway Maintenance Man
  • Jackhammer Operator
  • Warehouseman