Saddle and Harness Maker (192) Enlisted Personnel

Repairs all harness, leather, and canvas equipment of an organization which employs animals for transport.
Lays out, cuts, and fits leather parts, using leather cutting hand tools and a splitting machine designed to cut leather into various thicknesses. Sews leather by hand or uses lock-stitch sewing machine. Makes a variety of small leather parts for replacement on harness, saddles, bridles, and other equipment. Repairs breaks in straps and harness by skiving, lapping together, and securing the joint by sewing parallel to the edges. Replaces such hardware held by leather binding such as hasps, rings, and snaps by sewing or riveting.
Uses such tools as saddler's clamp, leather splitting machine, screw driver, punch, riveting hammer, punches, rivet-cutting nippers, shears, sharpening stone, draw gauge, dividers, pliers, riveting anvil, slicker, thimbles, needles, pegging awls, saddler's anvil, and a steel slicker for smoothing leather.
Must understand properties of leather including methods of cleaning, softening, preserving, and oiling.

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