Salvage Technician (194) Enlisted Personnel

Assists in the collection, removal, classification, and disposition of salvageable material and equipment.
Classifies salvage with respect to the supply service originally issuing each item of equipment. Determines salvage value, and separates salvage into repairable and non-repairable, critical, and noncritical, ferrous and nonferrous materials.
May disassemble salvage, using such tools as saws, hammers, wrecking bars, and acetylene burners. May pack, crate, or bale salvage for shipment to repair units or depots. May weight salvage and stack it in bins. May assist in the disposal of waste.
Should understand physical and chemical properties of metals and other materials. Should know how to destroy salvage or otherwise render it useless to the enemy. Should be familiar with decontaminating procedures. Should be able to recognize and neutralize booby traps.

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • Foreman, Salvage
  • Salvage Inspector
  • Salvage Man
  • Salvage NCO
  • Superintendent, Classifier
  • Superintendent, Waste Disposal