Sanitary Technician (196) Enlisted Personnel

Supervises and assists in construction of regulation latrines, soakage and garbage pits, incinerators, and showers, and assists in the maintenance of adequate sanitation and hygienic measures to preserve health and prevent disease.
Supervises or assists in the construction of latrines, digging or trenches and pits with pick, shovel, and ditching blade; building of incinerators with buck, stone, mortar, or other materials; and construction of wooden supports for showers. Inspects buildings, field kitchens and surrounding areas to insure compliance with sanitary standards and notes conditions such as adequate screening, proper disposal of waste, cleanliness of kitchen, field water purification and equipment, mess halls, mess personnel, insect and vermin control and general cleanliness of ramp area. Makes surveys for mosquito control, identifying species and locating breeding places, and supervises digging of drainage ditches and spraying and oiling of streams and pools. Sterilizes water by hanging a Lyster bag from a limb or tripod of poles, filling bag with water, and adding standard proportion of chlorine compounds.
May perform other tasks such as conducting insect and vermin control surveys and supervising mixing of insecticides and fumigation of infested areas or buildings.
Must have working knowledge of public health measures such as insect and rodent control, waste disposal, and water purification. Should be able to identify common species of mosquito and take proper steps for elimination.