Section Hand, Railway (199) Enlisted Personnel

Excavates and grades railroad right-of-way and lays, levels, and tamps railroad tracks.
Preparatory to laying track, levels right-of-way, using pick and shovel, and builds up low places by filling with dirt. Lays ties and rails, setting out cross ties at right angles to rails. Spaces cross ties at regular intervals. Drives spikes into ties to hold rails in position. Lays sliding plates and switches. Levels and tramps tracks.
Equipment includes rail section and ties, switches, jacks, claws, track gauges and levels, sliding plates, bulldozers, and motor railway cars.
As foreman, supervises the excavation and grading of railroad right-of-way anf the laying, leveling, and tamping of railroad tracks. Preparatory to laying track, supervises excavation and grading work and is responsible for proper drainages, curvatures, grades, and clearances. Supervises track-laying operations such as the laying of ties and rails, proper spacing of ties and rails, and installation of switches and sidings. Is responsible for maintenance and repair of tracks, regarding the right-of-way, and replacing ties and rails as necessary.
As foreman, must have thorough knowledge of rules and regulations governing operation of military railways. Must be able to work from blueprints. Must be familiar with semaphore signals used by railroads.

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • Section Foreman, Railway

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