Sheet Metal Worker (201) Enlisted Personnel

Fabricates, assembles, installs and repairs sheet metal articles in connection with the repair and maintenance of motor vehicles and mechanical equipment.
Cuts sheet metal, such as aluminum alloys, steel, copper, and zinc, with hand shears, rotary shears, and squaring shears. Bends metal to desired shape, using bar folder, cornice brake, forming rolls, grooving machine, and closing machine. Punches or drills holes for rivets, bolts, and screws with center punch and hammer, hand drill, or drill press. Assembles sheet metal parts, brackets, and hangers. Welds, nails, solders, bolts, rivets, or fits them into units for erection, making attachments, joints and seams. Grinds or files seams, joints, or rough surfaces with grinding wheel or file.
Uses sheet metal worker's tools, such as various kinds of hammers, mallets, stakes, punches, pliers, dividers, rules, metal gauges, and soldering irons.
May mark lay-out on sheet metal according to blueprints or templates, and oval or written specifications. May straighten and aline body frames.
Must know the type of seam or joint best suited for a specific purpose.

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • Automobile Body Repairman
  • Automobile Radiator Repairman
  • Tinsmith

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