Sound Recorder, Motion Picture (208) Enlisted Personnel

Operates a motion picture sound recording unit which translates sound impulses picked up by microphones into light impulses and records them on motion picture film in connection with the production of motion pictures for historical, intelligence, or training purposes.
Adjusts and prepares recorder for operation. Checks condition of amplifier and noise reducer by use of ammeter and voltmeter. Loads film into recorder and threads it through driving sprocket, rollers, and exposure drum in the recording head.
Turns on motor and exposure lamp. Sets filament current to a predetermined amperage by tuning a rheostat knob and reading an ammeter. Sets galvanometer mirror and noise reduction shutters to their correct neutral starting position by turning knobs until edges of image on monitoring screen coincide with lines marked on screen. Sets volume controls on amplifiers. Watches monitoring screen while recording is being made and listens to recording through earphones. Notes readings of frequency indicator, tachometer, and lamp current ammeter to see that machine is operating properly. Lubricates equipment. Makes minor repairs, such as replacing tubes.
May set up microphones, connect wires between microphones and the sound recording equipment, and drive a sound truck.

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • Boom Man Film Recorder, Motion Picture, Sound

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