Psychologist (2252) Enlisted Personnel

Administers and evaluates individual and group tests to determine intellectual, educational, and personality status of individual, and assists in psychotherapy and guidance. Interviews patients and obtains developmental history and family background; administers pertinent tests of intelligence, vocational, and educational achievement, and personality and interest; interprets test results; makes diagnosis of personality adjustment and writes report of findings and recommendations for inclusion in clinical record; aids individual in adjusting to environmental situation, assisting in psychotherapy and guidance. May serve as member of reclassification or disposition board. Must have thorough knowledge of psychological tests and should be able to make differential diagnosis on basis of test data. Knowledge of abnormal and social psychology very desirable. Civilian experience in abnormal or clinical psychological practice in public or private institution, hospital, court, school, or industrial organization essential. Should have Master’s degree in Psychology with specialization in clinical, educational, or industrial psychology.