Survey and Instrument Man (228) Enlisted Personnel

Sets up and operates surveying and fire control instruments to locate gun positions, observation posts, or to conduct survey operations relative to erection of track, buildings, drainage, and water systems.
Measures vertical and horizontal angles by making instrument readings, using transit, aiming circle, or similar instrument. Determines distances by instrument reading and calculations or by actual measurement with a steel tape. Determines elevation by instrument reading and calculations. Keeps field notes, entering readings of angles and distances as they are observed. Performs routing calculations, using slide rule, or makes arithmetic computations to obtain the azimuth, military grid coordinates, or elevation of points by the solution of right or oblique triangles by the substitution of values. Makes sketches of a landmark or particular part of terrain when required. Uses plane table, alidade, compass, protractor, and scales to plot various surveyed positions on a military map or chart. Performs additional drafting and plane table work such as making overlays, resections, or restitutions, to record results of surveyed positions on maps or charts.
Uses such instruments as transit, aiming circle, range finder, BC scope, prismatic compass, battery commander's telescope, open sight alidade, protractor, scales, slide rule, plane table, and steel tape.

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • Computer