Teletype Mechanic (239) Enlisted Personnel

Installs, inspects, maintains, and repairs teletype machines, including receiving, transmitting, relay units, and auxiliary equipment.
Test-operates machine to observe its functioning and determine necessary adjustments or repairs. Measures spring tensions in various parts of the equipment with finely calibrated scales to correct tensions in accordance with prescribed standards. Measures the separation of electrical contact points with small metal gauges to adjust same. Cleans and lubricates entire machine using oil and brush. Traces electrical faults, such as broken or shorted circuits, with voltmeter and refers to wiring diagrams in testing continuity and resistances. Replaces any of a large variety of parts when worn or broken, using screw drivers, pliers, and special teletype tools.
May repair, service, and maintain typewriters.
Must have knowledge of circuits and equipment commonly employed for telegraphic transmission.