Medical Registrar (2431) Enlisted Personnel

Performs responsible duties in connection with preparation, maintenance, and disposition of medical and surgical records of sick and wounded in military hospital or dispensary. Prepares reports, historical and statistical data pertaining to admmittance, diagnoses, treatment, response, and disposition of patients; checks written diagnoses for conformity of nomenclature and form to prescribed procedures, and makes corrections; maintains files on each patient containing pertinent information; arranges for detraining of convoys and assignment of cases to appropriate wards; reviews requests for transfer and certificate of disability discharge for conformity with prescribed procedure; supervises clerical workers in filling out and filing forms; serves as custodian of patients’ funds, property, and personal effects. May command detachment of patients if Commanding Officer does not assume direct command. Military experience very desirable and should include 6 months in a Hospital or Dispensary Registrar’s office. Civilian experience in clerical work with some administrative responsibilities, particularly in records’ section of a hospital, very desirable.