Cameraman, Animated Motion Picture (285) Enlisted Personnel

Operates a vertically mounted motion picture animation camera to produce animated motion pictures used in the instruction and training of personnel.
Moves camera to desired position above table top and focuses the lens. Lays basic drawing on table and aligns its perforations with alignment pegs. Lays and aligns celluloids over basic picture and covers with glass. Observes picture through view finder, moves easel, and adjusts camera and diaphragm aperture, until proper alignment, focus, and exposure are obtained. Photographs background, titles, charts, drawings, changing celluloids one at a time to achieve progression of movement. Produces special effects, such as fade-ins, fade-outs, and double exposures, or a combination of effects.
May advise animation artists on short cuts and ways of producing contrasts and other photographic qualities.
Must know the technique used in accomplishing animation of motion pictures. Must understand light and shade graduations on films to advise artists on proper contrasts. Must know film processes.

Suitable Substitutions