Motion Picture Production Technician (286) Enlisted Personnel

Assists in supervision and coordination of administrative or technical operations of a motion picture unit.
Secures equipment, personnel, and props for production preparing necessary requisitions. Arranges for transportation of crew, actor personnel, and equipment. Prepares shooting schedule, checks consistency of sets, notes camera angles, keeps record of exact properties used on each set, and prepares daily production report. Makes certain all actors and props are in proper place at the proper time. Assists in rehearsing of scenes.
May direct production, choosing cast, instructing actors in interpretation of parts, planning details of settings and costumes, and supervising shooting of scenes.
Must be familiar with technical problems of motion picture production.
Civilian experience with motion picture company essential.
(In Army Air Forces, this classification will be used to cover motion picture technicians such as film editor, sound transmission man, motion picture cameraman, animation, process background supervisor, or other technical duty.)

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • Assistant Director
  • Assistant Producer
  • Motion Picture Technician (AAF)