Investigator (301) Enlisted Personnel

Conducts investigations of crimes, accidents, sabotage, sedition, espionage and subversive activities in which military and civilian personnel or property are involved.
Collects and safeguards evidence, procures information on individuals, questions witnesses and arrested persons, examines pertinent records, and prepares case reports and summary reports; co-operates with civilian police agencies in apprehending criminals and solving crimes involving military personnel or property. May investigate fires, explosions and accidents. May take photographs of objects, places, and individuals. May recover lost, stolen, or abandoned property. May obtain and classify prints.
Security Intelligence duties include making loyalty and character investigations of civilian and military personnel for positions of trust and conducting personnel security inspections in vital war plants.
Counter Intelligence duties in combat zones and in area occupied by United States military forces include tracing rumors and propaganda sources, performing field security missions and surveys, and establishing security systems.

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • Counter Intelligence Corps Agent
  • Counter Intelligence Corps Special Agent
  • Criminal Investigator
  • Fingerprinter
  • Security Intelligence Agent
  • Security Intelligence Special Agent