Neuropsychiatrist (3130) Enlisted Personnel

Examines, diagnoses, and treats patients referred for psychiatric treatment. Performs complete physical, mental, and neurological examination and obtains developmental and family history from patient and other sources; makes preliminary and final diagnoses, indicates treatment, and supervises its administration, including fever therapy, hydrotherapy, shock therapy, occupational therapy, nutrition, sanitation, and medication; makes daily ward inspections and supervises nursing care; recommends final disposition of cases; advises other medical officers of problems of mental hygiene and mental disorders; provides neuropsychiatric consultations; trains and instructs nurses and ward personnel in care and treatment of patients. May participate in preventive programs. May perform medical-administrative duties such as assigning personnel, requisitioning ward property and supplies, and preparing data for presentation before boards. May present testimony before courts martial on questions of psychiatric nature. Must have training and experience for at least 1 year in internal medicine, Neurology, and Psychiatry. Must be graduate of Medical School approved by The Surgeon General and have completed 1 year internship.