Oral Surgeon, Dental (3171) Enlisted Personnel

Examines, diagnoses, and treats, by surgical or other means, all infections, diseases, abnormalities, injuries, afflictions, and pathology of oral tissues and supporting structures and of maxillary, mandibular,and adjacent bones. Surgically removes cysts and neoplasms of oral soft or bony tissues; reduces and provides proper fixation and treatment of fractures of jaw and adjacent bones; administers or supervises administration of local and general anesthetics for use in dento-oral cases; prepares and maintains reports and records of progress of hospitalized dental cases and cooperates with Medical Corps officers in care of such cases; cooperates with orthopedists and plastic surgeons in care and treatment of maxillo-facial injuries. Should be thoroughly familiar with all laboratory procedures involved in care of Oral Surgery patients. Must be licensed to practice Dentistry. Must be engaged in active ethical practice of Dentistry at time of appointment. Should have background of extensive experience in Oral Surgery and have been a member of hospital staff. An internship, fellowship, or residency in a recognized hospital or other institution desirable. Must be graduate of accredited Dental School.

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • Dental Surgeon, Oral