Watch Repairman (381) Enlisted Personnel

Cleans, adjusts, repairs, and oils watches and clocks.
Takes timepiece apart for repairing or cleaning by prying off or unscrewing case, lifting mechanism from case, and disassembling springs, balances, and other parts. Examines various parts to discover defects and repairs and adjusts timepiece by inserting new main or hairsprings, resetting pivots, and repairing or replacing affected parts. Cleans timepiece by brushing parts or by immersing parts in benzine, gasoline, or other cleaning solutions Oils timepieces by dropping small amounts of oil on moving parts.
Equipment includes small pliers, tweezers, screw drivers, magnifying lenses, watchmaker's lathe, and watchmaker's brush.
Civilian experience as watchmaker desirable.

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • Clock maker
  • Watch or Clock Inspector
  • Watchmaker

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