Process Background Supervisor (449) Enlisted Personnel

Directs the projection of all photographic process background images which are thrown on or through screens to provide background for scenes being photographed.
Arranges set-up of projectors and angles of projection to assure proper effect when shown on a single or double opaque screens from front or translucent screens from the rear. Assists in placing of camera to insure that foreground and background will be in proper proportion and angle. Prepares projection plates and slides for desired background effects.
Uses equipment such as slide projectors, opaque and translucent screens, motion picture projectors, slide transparency repair equipment, and spotlights.
Must know the characteristics of the motion picture or still camera being used to photograph backgrounds. Must understand the operation and maintenance of slide and motion picture projectors. Must be capable of developing lighting effects with use of theatrical spotlights.

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • Special Effects Supervisor