Optometrist (452) Enlisted Personnel

Examines eyes for muscular and structural defects and prescribes lenses and eye exercises to correct defects.
Visually inspects eyes for external evidences of pathological conditions requiring corrective medical or surgical treatment. Examines eye internally using opthalmoscope and retinoscope to obtain clear vision of the interior of the eye. Determines lens necessary to correct abnormal eye conditions, such as near- and far-sightedness and astigmatism. Places trial frame over patient's eye, selects proper lens from trial case, and directs the patient to view chart through lenses. Prescribes eye exercises to alleviate and correct muscular involvements of the eyes. Makes simple tests for color blindness.
Must have knowledge of anatomy and pathology of the eye.
Must be licensed optometrist and be graduate of an approved school of optometry.