Sawmill Machine Operator (459) Enlisted Personnel

Operates a headsaw, cutting logs into lumber in a portable or semiportable sawmill.
Signals crew to roll log onto log carriage and set log to position for sawing. Manipulates levers to move the log and carriage against revolving saw to edge and cut boards and beams to standard thickness, length, and width. Signals crew to turn log over on carriage and reset for sawing. Segregates and piles lumber according to dimensions and species. With assistance of crew, changes broken or dull saws and cleans and oils sawing machinery.
Must know proper positioning of logs on carriage to obtain maximum lumber.
May supervise sawmill crew, assign duties, check sawmill operation, and advise on correct methods of sawing and piling lumber. Maintain records of sawmill operations.

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • Foreman, Lumber Yard
  • Foreman, Milling
  • Foreman, Piling
  • Foreman, Sawmill