Forest Products Tallyman (462) Enlisted Personnel

Determines lumber content of logs prior to milling, inspects and grades manufactured lumber products, and records lumber content of shipments.
Measures length of diameter of logs, using scaling stick or tape to determine lumber content, and records measurements in book or on end of log.
Classifies lumber according to species and types, inspecting for compliance with specifications and noting defects and unsatisfactory machine work. Removes unsuitable pieces and returns to other workers for salvaging.
Checks lumber content of shipment or storage lots in board feet, linear feet, cubic feet, or cords and computes total amount in each lot.
Computes data and prepares reports for inventory, stock control, and procurement purposes.
Must know units of measure applied to forest products. Must know species, grades, and specifications of wood. Must be able to calculate data rapidly.

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • Log Scaler
  • Lumber Grader Tallyman