Information Center Operator (510) Enlisted Personnel

Places small markers on plotting or filter boards to indicate the presence, type, direction, and altitude of friendly and enemy aircraft approaching or present in a specified area.
Receives information by telephone from radar station and observation posts, coded in the form of short numerical sequences. Selects and places proper marker on plotting or filter board at point of intersection of grid coordinates which represent the position of reported or observed aircraft. Places additional markers on board to indicate altitude, direction, and other data pertaining to aircraft flights. Reports information displayed on plotting or filter board to personnel of operations room. Records plotted information in log. Computes speed of flights by measuring distances between markers on filter board which indicate points at which aircraft were located at specific times.
Must be able to place markers accurately on plotting or filter board at a speed of eight to ten plots a minute for any required period.

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • Aircraft Warning Filterer
  • Aircraft Warning NCO
  • Aircraft Warning Plotter
  • Aircraft Warning Teller

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