Salvage Repair NCO (530) Enlisted Personnel

Supervises repair for reissue of salvaged clothing, shoes, textiles, leather, rubber, canvas, and webbing in a fixed or mobile salvage repair unit.
Supervises receipt of salvage and its return to user or to depot for reissue after it has been repaired. Inspects and determines repairability of salvaged materials. Allocates work and supplies to sections and shifts. Checks supplies and requisitions them as needed. Instructs repairmen in established procedures and standards for repair of equipment and inspects finished work. Supervises use of sewing machines, and shoe repair machines such as finisher, stitcher, sole cutter and skiver, and patcher.
In a mobile unit, aids in determining the placement of the trailers, and supervises their movement and preparation for operation.

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • Superintendent, Canvas Repair
  • Superintendent, Shoe Repair

Suitable Substitutions