Communications Chief (542) Enlisted Personnel

Supervises a communication section in the installation, operation, and minor maintenance of two or more of the following communication facilities; wire, radio, or air-ground contact.
Supervises the laying, testing, maintenance, and recovery of wire. Selects location and directs installation of central and substations. Directs telephone, telephone switchboard, telegraph, teletypewriter, or radio operators in receipt and transmission of calls or messages. Superintends air-to-ground, ground-to-air, radio, and fixed airways communication systems. Utilizes other miscellaneous signal devices such as panels, signal lamps, and pyrotechnics. Supervises adjustment, maintenance, and minor repair of equipment used, including radio sets, field telephones, switchboards, and wire lines. Instructs and trains personnel of unit in techniques of field communication. Prepares rosters and distributes work among various teams.
Should be familiar with various means of signal communication such as message center operation, radio network operations, wire construction, telephone switchboard and teletypewriter operation, and miscellaneous communication facilities.

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • Communication Sergeant
  • Communication Technician (AAF)
  • Radio Sergeant
  • Signal NCO
  • Wire Sergeant