Glider Mechanic (559) Enlisted Personnel

Makes woodwork, fabric, sheet metal, and cable repair and replacement on gliders.
Constructs, alters, repairs, and refinishes wooden parts of glider craft using woodworking machinery and hand tools in an aircraft woodworking shop. Replaces or repairs damaged metal parts by welding or by cold riveting small patches over breaks. Cuts and fits canvas envelopes over wings or fuselage, sewing by hand or machine, and finishes by applying paint or dope to form a weatherproof surface. Makes necessary inspections before and after flight. May disassemble and assemble demountable gliders.
Should be able to work from sketches and drawings and make repairs and replacements without the use of shop machinery. Should understand specific gravity, moisture content and seasoning of aircraft woods and plywoods. Should know properties and kinds of glue.

Suitable Substitutions