Flash Ranging Observer (576) Enlisted Personnel

Observes flash of enemy guns or shell burst of friendly artillery from one of several observation posts to provide means of locating the position of gun or burst.
Transmits the time of occurrence of flash or burst by pressing a button on an electrical device which registers on a dial of flash ranging switchboard at central station. Sets up azimuth instrument over surveyed position. Zeros instrument in established direction. Reads horizontal or vertical angle of flash or burst from ground. Relays information to central station by telephone, where it is plotted and location of gun or burst is determined by intersection with plotted points relayed by other observers. Connects telephone and capacitator unit to wire installations. Tests circuit and equipment by test operation.
At supervisory level, is responsible for the control and coordination of a crew of flash ranging specialists.

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • Flash Ranging Chief
  • Flash Switchboard Operator

Suitable Substitutions