Antiaircraft Artillery Machine Gun Crewman, SP (597) Enlisted Personnel

As a member of a crew, performs various duties in operation and maintenance of a machine gun battery mounted on a half-track and utilized for protection of advanced combat elements against low-flying hostile aircraft.
Services machine guns, feeding belts into containers, watching for stoppages, and immediately eliminating their cause. As gunner, operates power-controlled turret. By manipulation of control column, swings turret in direction of enemy aircraft. Aims by means of a reflector sight and fires guns by pressing buttons in side of control column. Maintains guns and other equipment in good working order, greasing, oiling, and cleaning working parts.
May drive half-track, operate radio, and assist in lowering turret to ground for use as stationary mount.

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • Gunner, AA
  • Guner, Machine, AA