Message Center Clerk (667) Enlisted Personnel

Receives and logs incoming and outgoing messages, communications, and publications in a message center and distributes them in accordance with prescribed procedures.
Records time on incoming and outgoing communications, messages, and publications, and distributes incoming messages according to a distribution code.e Maintains a log indicating date and time of receipt, means of transmission and time of delivery of messages. Encodes and decodes messages in accordance with standard operating instructions.
Must have a general knowledge of the methods of operation of signal communication agencies, must have a thorough knowledge of the staff orgaization of his own unit, and a general knowledge of the organiziation of other units with which signal communication is maintained.
May act as a messenger. May drive a light truck. Knowledge of typing desirable.
At supervisory level, is responsible for control and coordination of message center operations and personnel.

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • Code Clerk
  • Message Center Chief
  • Messenger-Dispatcher
  • Panel and Code Clerk

Suitable Substitutions