Military Policeman, Occupied Territory (669) Enlisted Personnel

Enforces military laws, regulations and ordinances, and local laws; maintains order; and controls individuals and traffic in territory in which United States forces are exercising military government.
Arrests offenders against the military government. Seizes firearms, explosives and other contraband articles. Seizes and guards funds. Seizes and seals records and archives. Guards captured matériel and installations. Controls, reinforces, or supplants local police in the maintenance of public order. Prevents or suppresses espionage, sabotage, and rioting.
Assists in reducing areas of resistance, including the elimination of guerrilla activities. Assists in the protection against vertical envelopments, commando raids, and against any attack on vital installations, including lines of communications. Assists in the care, control and evacuation of refugees and local inhabitants.
May assist in the defense of command posts and operation of prisoner of war collection points and straggler lines when attached to combat teams during initial phase of occupation.
Must have knowledge of the use and care of machine guns, carbines, rifles, pistols, shotguns, and submachine guns.
Should possess tact, diplomacy, good judgement, physical vigor and a commanding appearance. Should be a high school graduate. Ability to speak one or more foreign languages is desirable and preference should be given men who have traveled or resided in a foreign country.
Must be capable of acquiring working knowledge of the language and customs of the areas to which assigned.