Oxygen and Acetylene Plant Operator (719) Enlisted Personnel

Operates equipment to produce oxygen and nitrogen or acetylene.
In an oxygen plant, manipulates valves to pass air through a series of units that compress the air, remove carbon dioxide, moisture, oil content, and separate liquid air into nitrogen and oxygen. Passes liquid oxygen or nitrogen into expansion chamber and compresses oxygen into high pressure cylinders. Cleans equipment, blows out tubes, and cleans and refills driers. In an acetylene plant, manipulates valves to let water into generator, pours calcium carbide into hopper, and starts motor to activate device that sifts carbide into water producing acetylene gas. Opens valves, letting gas into storage chamber. Compresses acetylene into high pressure cylinders and removes sludge from generator. Maintains generating equipment.
May supervise other operators.
Must be familiar with processes, precautions, and hazards involved in manufacturing oxygen and nitrogen and generating acetylene.

Alternate nomenclatures:

  • Foreman, Oxygen and Acetylene Plant